14 thoughts on “Top down Beatles

  1. David Hooper sent me this ….


    This is an interview with the manager for Apple Records, who also toured and
    wrote songs with them. He has some amazing stories.”

    Thanks David !

  2. Yes Ninu,
    It was taken by Michel Le Tac and publiched in french weekly Paris match end of june 1965. It was taken on the 20th of june when they played at the palais des sports in Paris. I saved the photo from the mag and have kept it all those years. Although in a rather bad shape it is not as cropped as the one above and at least parts of the song mike stands are visible. On the other hand it is littered with a lot of French….

  3. Aww!! This is the most awesome and rare photo I’ve ever seen with Beatles!! You made my week!!!! :D :D (at least!) Thank you ?

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