bigfoot “The Bigfoot video shot by a northern Manitoba man a few weeks ago will air on the American TV show A Current Affair tomorrow night.

A spokesman for the syndicated show, which airs on selected Fox network stations, confirmed yesterday that the video shot by Norway House ferry operator Bobby Clarke on April 16 will hit the airwaves tomorrow.”

7 thoughts on “Bigfoot

  1. you guys are dumb you cant honestly believe that there is a 700 hundred pound monkey called bigfoot its a damn gorilla quit makin such a big deal about it i cant believe you guys could spend all your time wrapped up in all this grow up and get over it

  2. I have seen him three times in my life. And have herd his
    call so many times, that the sound makes me want to scream right back at him. Beleave me when i say, he is real. And not some dumb gorilla. I have never seen a gorilla stands on to legs , walk on to legs, run on to legs.
    And has a higth of 6 to 9 feet tall.I do beleave that thay are in the grate ape family.But more along the lines of gigantapithacus, I hope I spelled that right. If you can have someone call me I can tell you more. And show you the mountan rang where I lived .

  3. This photo does look fake. But I do beleave in bigfoot and other related mystery creatures. It is ignorant of us to think that the big bad humans know all and have found all. I live in a area where all you have is forest and there are alot of hiding places for bigfoot and other creatures. Its just like I once heard someone say we know the wolf is out there but how often do you see them. They are good hiders thats just there nature so why cant big foot be the same.

  4. this picture is fake cause if u look closely ull see its like a painting

  5. i’ve seen him in my woods before…it was either bigfoot or a huge hairy black guy….so i hope it was bigfoot:D

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