New cold water Wetsuit

New cold water Wetsuit

Got myself a present last weekend. A brand new Excel Infiniti DryLock 5/4/3 Hooded suit (Size L / 379$ US). Tested it out on Sunday in strong cold offshore wind and 52° F water.

The suit is ridiculously warm. I didn’t even feel close to what I would consider cold. The flexibility is almost as good as my 4/3 (considering it’s thicker). I’m more than sure I could take mid 40’s water temp’s without too much pain.

The hood takes a bit of getting used to. My first good bail left some water around my ears which amplified my heart-beat sound to ‘nightclub bass levels’ which freaked me out for a sec. The fact that the chin piece tucks under/in is also a nice touch.


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6 thoughts on “New cold water Wetsuit

  1. hahaha .. funny guy !! You could just eat some more “heavy foods” and it would do the same thing ! we were joking around on the weekend about building a healthy layer of ‘seal fat/blubber’ ;-)

    Maybe bio-degradable spray on neoprene ?

  2. going out tomoorow with my new excel infiniti. How did you do trying to take the wetsuit off ? do you have any suggestions ?


  3. Hello- where did you get the suit for that great price. I am only finding them for $450 or so.. Thank you Joanne

  4. I just purchased the Xcel Infiniti Drylock with a nice Green Color emblem. I went from a 4/3 Xcel to a 5/4/3 and man this suit is warm. Highly recommended by other surfers and the surf shops around my area. (California) We have a consistant 48-52 degree water in Bodega Bay.

    This suit kept me warm and after learning and trying to catch a wave for two months I caught my first wave. It was a glassy 5′ footer. I was in shock how warm and comfortable I felt in this suit.

    I purchased the suit for 400.00 Cash from Bodega Bay Surf Shop.
    Also got some Xcel booties for 45.00 Cash.

    After getting this suit and feeling so comfortable I caught my first wave, it was worth every dollar spent.

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