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Costa Field Report — Day 5

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Woke up early this morning to hit it while the hitting it was good. No one out again. Glassy peaky waves as far as the eye could see: 4-5 ft with some bigger ones every 30 mins. Eventually some dudes strolled by doing to-at’s with a jet ski. Hilarious. Caught more waves than I could count with some great long right’s and left’s. Evreyone had a blast.

Ultra clear water again — water feels warmer than the air at times. The rains last night were epic — turning the ocean from semi onshore to perfect glassy bumps. But lightning forced us out of the water before we could really enjoy it.

We’ll keep it mellow for tonight’s session due to having to wake up tomorrow at 4am for a drive up to Playa Coco to meet up with a boat that’s taking us to ollies point and witches rock. STOKED. Those are 2 of the best waves around here and world renowned.

Better update tomorrow.


6 responses to “Costa Field Report — Day 5”

  1. rob70 Avatar

    I demand you stop posting this. I’m frothing, and it’s your fault.

  2. bnan Avatar

    sooooo great homie. Glad you guys are cleaning up! Take some nice pics at Witches Rock. Welcome to the Rock……

  3. bnan Avatar

    Actually I change me plea. I agree with Rob70, you should stop the obvious lies and yell us all its flat.

  4. j Avatar

    Sounds like a trip of a lifetime. Take it all in and keep posting.

  5. Steve Avatar

    totally flat and freezing water.

    the lie you’ve heard about dolphins delivering you cold beers to the lineup — i can confirm — false !!

  6. rob70 Avatar

    You should publish this stuff as fiction. It’s obviously fantasea land.

    Thank you for fessing up.