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Costa Field Report — Day 6

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Woke up at 4am for a rendezous 1 hour north at Playa Coco with a boat man named Wilbur. He packed up our boat and took off further north into a huge national park. A bumpy early morning ride along the coast was beautiful. Super sunny day and all felt the stoke building.

Dolphins and sea turtles running along side the boat the whole time out there.

After about 45 minutes we arrived at Witches rock. A mile long beach with it’s signature white monolith rock out about 1000ft into the bay. Offshore winds howling and the clearest water i’ve ever surfed in.

We slathered on the sunblock, jumped in off the boat and paddled into the back of the lineup (first time i’ve ever paddled form the otherside). Multiple peaks breaking right and left along along the beach. The wind was blowing so hard offshore that when big sets would break they would send rain showers 100 ft out the back. Firehosing.

Chose one and gave it my all for a couple hours. Long clear right walls would pull up behind that you could see through perfectly. Waist to overhead waves on the sets. Pulled into a ton of great ones — very smooth and ‘user friendly’. Everyone grabbed a ton of fun ones. The paddle back to the boat was grueling (as hard as it can be ;) cry us a river-mouth.

Our driver had a huge cooler that he had tossed out beers in — and had brought us a ton of fresh pineapple and watermelon. Nothing like fresh fruit and beer at 9am.

We motored on north to Ollie’s point, about 30 mins further up the coast. Ollies is a right river mouth point break over small stones and sand. It’s in a wide sheltered bay with a long sandbar beach inside.

Wasn’t working when we got there but within 15 mins sets started to roll through. Benny and I had paddled out and Jes/Marc joined us quick. Solid waves come in through the right of the bay and follow along the rocks. They begin to break and due to it being a pt. break — you can choose your take off spot wherever you think is best. I had the best rights of the trip so far — 4 to 6ft+ high perfection all the way to the sand (3 in a row all the way in). Benny scored a head high screamer he rode all the way in. Jes and Marc loving it and both got some great long rights too.

Ollies is easily the best wave I have ever surfed.

We all earned some epic sunburns, checked off 2 of the worlds best surf spots from our life’s to-do list and headed for home.

Hasta Luego.