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Costa Field Report — Day 7 & 8

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Saturday we took the morning off to bring Marc to the airport. He had to get back to the real world where the morning walk to the office doesn’t involve dodging land crabs. Great times with him. MIss you already buddy.

We surfed a bit Saturday night — mainly for a quick dip in the ocean but the wind didn’t do us any favours and we pulled the chute quick.

Sunday AM — work up at 6 — in the water by 7. Light offshore winds, ultra (really) glassy high tide peaking waves breaking over the sand bars. I paddled out and sat on a right further down the beach. I tried to wait for the West swinging waves that would cleanly shoulder right. Nabbed 5 of the best technical rides of my life plus a bunch more. Hand on the wave as I trimmed by, so clear there was no way to tell how deep the water was. Fish swimming in the waves you’d catch.

Waves breaking 3-5+ feet South and West swells in very organized sets. Period reported at 17 secs this AM.

The water is so warm — the most tropical i’ve ever been in. Today it easily felt warmer than the air temps.

2 SUP’ers paddled by and mentioned they’d seen lots of wildlife this morning. They had seen a 1.5 meter sting ray sitting on the inside. Foot shuffles and pulling out a bit early went into effect. Benny saw a couple sea snakes, an eel and some manta’s.

We’ll be up again bright and early tomorrow hoping for a repeat of today.

I know you all want photos — I’m trying and hopefully will have some up in the next couple days.

Hasta Luego.


4 responses to “Costa Field Report — Day 7 & 8”

  1. Q.Perps Avatar

    photos. slotted. barrels. hopefully pov.

  2. Steve Avatar

    photos only — no slotted-ness to report back beyond that day but some SICK rides. Need a go-hero ;-)

  3. Jamie Watson Avatar

    Sea snakes!? When I’d watch wildlife specials on TV as a kid – it was always the sea snakes that would freak me out. Are they poisonous there?

    Glad you had such a great time – sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

  4. Steve Avatar

    Dunno — benny saw 3 small green ones swimming in a wave.

    Trip of a lifetime for sure !! must go back !!