Back to Mexico

Excellent photo by Ed Fladung — blog: & photos: Tickets bought for Mexico — 2 weeks between May 3rd and 17th. Once again we’re going to Sayulita (using it as a base) and renting a large house on the north end of town up on the hill. The traveling crew is all in… Continue reading Back to Mexico

Mexico part 3

Short report from paradise … went for a hike yesterday (south of town) looking for a beach called playa de meurtos … on the road there must have been 100 geckos scittering about … the beach had a couple rocks that moved when you walked towards them – really just black-red crabs .. who knew… Continue reading Mexico part 3

Mexico part 2

More things I have learned … Waves over 7 foot will take you out quickly Bring water proof bandaids .. you’re feet take a beating !! Gecko’s rule .. especially in your living room Having bats living in your ceiling prevents musquitos The sun should not be taken for granted .. it will not you… Continue reading Mexico part 2

Mexico Part 1

Greetings from mexico … My list of things i’ve learnt about warm water surfing so far … warm water means alot less rubber needed less rubber means your less bouyant manta rays jump REALLY high ! man-o-war jellyfish hurt (second hand knowledge) tread lightly over the urchins salt water tastes different in different regions more… Continue reading Mexico Part 1