BPGlobalPR is genius

Great update: Words from the man behind @BPGlobalPR himself — http://streetgiant.com/2010/06/02/leroy-stick-the-man-behind-bpglobalpr/ One of my favourite current pieces of satire/commentary is from @BPGlobalPR discussing the recent oil spill. It’s so good they now have almost 60,000 followers and BP is trying to have it shut down. “After oil started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico following… Continue reading BPGlobalPR is genius

LB by ED in MX

Sick shot by Ed Fladung in Mexico at a spot we know. Ed’s been testing out a water housing with some fun results !! Can’t wait to see more. http://www.flickr.com/photos/edfladung/

Doing the coral shuffle

SteveyB doing the coral shuffle Shot from our last Mexico trip taken by Jes — walking over some shallow sharp rocks somewhere on Punta Mita with the ever present through of a tasty urchin stabbing ‘yer toes. Ah the memories!

Videos from 2008

We don’t take many videos, but every now and then the Canon gets set to video mode and something gets badly recorded. Here’s the ones that are okay from the past year. The highlight is me trying to remember then HUM the tune of “hollerback girl” by Gwen Stefani while playing Cranium in Mexico. Hah.… Continue reading Videos from 2008