Bookmarks for April 10th through April 17th

Some links for April 10th through April 17th…“Great posters by a great artist.” Fluency Admin at“Custom grey theme for WP Admin 2.5.” Flickr Code“Your one-stop shop for information, gossip and discussion with the Flickr developer community” GrabUp – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)“GrabUp is an interesting little app that adds a new wrinkle to… Continue reading Bookmarks for April 10th through April 17th

Robert R. Abeyta, Jr. — suprememundane

Diggin’ the artwork of Robert R. Abeyta, Jr. “Working on a larger series… of these paintings, The Tianguis, Mexico City for an upcoming show. I want paintings clear, simple, veiled with complexity. Complex Simplicity is the term I like. More info on the show as things develop.” — Robert R. Abeyta, Jr. Suprememundane

Canon SD800

Finally our new camera. A Canon SD800is. Our last Canon PS A75 did us well – we took well over 15,000 photos with it over a 3 year span. You might have seen a couple of them. That camera survived 2 trips to Mexico, rain storms and plenty of sandy beach action… plus it’s closest… Continue reading Canon SD800

Cold water and 06

This coming weekend, there will be swell. Swell of some kind, most probably HUGE rough wind swell. I’m tempted to drive down and check it out but have some other obligations that must be completed. Plus I don’t know how well I’d fair in 50° water and and 40° air temps. I’d like to see… Continue reading Cold water and 06

Sayulita Research

Town info Sayulita is on Mountain Time and PV is Central, and your air tickets are PV time, so leave an extra hour when returning to the airport. Sayulita has no bank nor cash machine, yet is almost entirely a cash economy, so get pesos from the cash machines in the airport, or from… Continue reading Sayulita Research

Man O Wars in NE

We ran into these in Mexico, actually only Steph did and she got ZAPPED…. “On the Reports page, for the last 2 week I have been mentioning that the Bermuda High as been “higher than normal latitude wise” pushing in a consistant SE windswell-swell, with locally southerly winds. Plus there has been a few fronts/disturbances… Continue reading Man O Wars in NE


I forced myself to paint one water color per day while on vacation in Mexico. The results were at times frustrating and more often than not – the best stuff came with quick and accidental effort. I ended up with 25 watercolors in all – a couple I gave away – the best ones I… Continue reading Watercolors


It occurred to me walking out for lunch today, into Montreal’s current sweltering heat wave… — TWN says it’s currently 28° C and feels like 35° C with the humidity — … that it still isn’t even close to as hot as Mexico was. The sun had so much more power there. Being my first… Continue reading Heat