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Apocalypto was a much better movie than I thought It would be. It is a violent and brutal film, leaving very little to the imagination but it has a driving story line that saves it from becoming only a Mayan blood-fest. It does become a over-the-top and predictable once the “Chase” starts but everything up to that point had my full attention.

“Which is not to say that “Apocalypto” is a great film, or even that it can be taken quite as seriously as it wants to be. Mr. Gibson’s technical command has never been surer; for most of its 2-hour 18-minute running time, “Apocalypto,” written by Mr. Gibson and Farhad Safinia, is a model of narrative economy, moving nimbly forward and telling its tale with clarity and force. It is, above all, a muscular and kinetic action movie, a drama of rescue and revenge with very little organic relation to its historical setting” — NYT’s

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