Miami Vice

We watched the new 2007 Miami Vice movie tonight. Not terrible, nothing really worth writing about, but it did remind me of the clip above from the Pilot to the original series. Great stuff.

New Miami Vice Movie:

Planet Terror

Planet Terror

A great ‘B’ movie to C? Sorry; had to throw in that groaner of a pun.

“Planet Terror” is great. The art direction that adds the classic ‘B movie’ elements is fantastic and works well to setup the style of movie. Makes me want to find some “retro/dirty film” photoshop effects. The “Missing reel” gag is hilarious.

The one question I was left with — When does “Machete” come out?!


‘Where the Wild Things Are’ becomes a movie

Where the Wild Things Are

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. One of my favourite books of all time and one of my favourite directors (Spike).

I, along with many other kids, dreamt of having the forest as my wallpaper in my room. What I didn’t fully realize at the time was that my window of my bedroom opened onto a real life version of this; Our 100 acres of dark forest right behind the house that creaked, howled, hooted, and crackled every night.

“We’ve Got Dave Eggers’s and Spike Jonze’s Script for ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ …and it is really, really good.

In transforming the 338-word story of Where the Wild Things Are into a 111-page screenplay, Eggers and Jonze have fleshed out the story not, unexpectedly, with wild plot developments, and not, thankfully, with densely packed pop-fiction references. Instead Where the Wild Things Are is filled with richly imagined psychological detail, and the screenplay for this live-action film simply becomes a longer and more moving version of what Maurice Sendak’s book has always been at heart: a book about a lonely boy leaving the emotional terrain of boyhood behind.”

Read the full article here



Apocalypto was a much better movie than I thought It would be. It is a violent and brutal film, leaving very little to the imagination but it has a driving story line that saves it from becoming only a Mayan blood-fest. It does become a over-the-top and predictable once the “Chase” starts but everything up to that point had my full attention.

“Which is not to say that “Apocalypto” is a great film, or even that it can be taken quite as seriously as it wants to be. Mr. Gibson’s technical command has never been surer; for most of its 2-hour 18-minute running time, “Apocalypto,” written by Mr. Gibson and Farhad Safinia, is a model of narrative economy, moving nimbly forward and telling its tale with clarity and force. It is, above all, a muscular and kinetic action movie, a drama of rescue and revenge with very little organic relation to its historical setting” — NYT’s

Red the full NYT’s review


28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later

Watched “28 Weeks Later” last night on DVD. I liked the first movie a lot and had high hopes for this one. There might be some spoilers here so you should stop reading if you haven’t seen the film.

This “Horror-Survival” film is the second part of a purposed trilogy centering around a “zombie” virus that breaks out in England.

Some good: Robert Carlyle is one of my Scottish favorite actors. He plays the psychopath role almost too well. Since his role as “Begbie” in “Trainspotting“, he has cemented himself in my mind as someone close to the edge. He knows how to get “fierce”.

The look of the movie has partially kept pace with the style of the 1st one – the scare factor was there; especially the use of the dark/shaking camera in tight spaces. Just think “panic in a dark low-ceilinged room” and you’ll get the idea.

Some bad: The American angle of the film bugged me a bit, I preferred when it seemed completely European. Also — I was also really hoping to see more of how they shot the film in a seemingly “empty” London in the DVD extras. They also mention a bit about “day for night” shooting techniques but not as much as I wanted.

Extras: Rumor has it that “28 Months Later” has already started taking shape in director Danny Boyle’s head who’ll return as director. It’s supposed to start where the 2nd left off in mainland Europe and from what i’ve read it sounds like he might want to go bigger — what if “the action” took place in a less contained area? Sounds good already.