TS Noel is on the way

Noel is on the way

Tropical storm Noel has been making it’s way up the East coast; It’s expected to pick up speed and head north out to sea by Monday as wind pushes it away from the coast. What does all that mean ?

Perfect surfing recipe. Lots of high-energy ground swell in the water and strong offshore winds.


Surf: Chest to head high E medium period swell for the morning. The swell shifts to the ESE and drops to waist to chest high with occasional shoulder sets in the afternoon.
Conditions: Clean with NW winds 15-20kt in the morning decreasing to 10-15kt in the afternoon.


My Local Lineup Series

My Local Lineup Series

“My Local Lineup” is an interesting little video (mainly) and photo project out of Southern California. They have a number of videos on YouTube which they are using to host their media.

“Mylocallineup is a project whose objective is to highlight the ‘local’ in local surfing. Through various media, we intend to present surfing in light of its community, where faces and places commingle with surfboards and waves.”

My Local Lineup website

Longboard thoughts

Small glassy peak

It might be time to get a Longboard.

My Stewart 7′ 6″ Funboard has done me very well and it’ll remain in my quiver ’til the day it dies. But now that I can surf (whew – that took years !!) .. I’m starting to think of how I want to surf. I want to be able to style it out and be super mellow on small days. I also want to be able to get some speed and some quick movement on the freight-train days (not to mention make the paddle out at some of the places we surf). My fish takes care of that second scenario.

I’ve been eyeing a shape/board like this classic Stewart. Johan has mentioned the desire to get some longer blocks of foam and try his hand at shaping a board over 8′.

Guess we’ll have to see. Something for next summer. I’d love to be able to try out a couple boards first but that isn’t so easy for us up here.