Toyota Prius FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions About the Toyota Prius from

Q: How does the electric motor in the Toyota Prius work? Do you have to plug it in at night or make sure to drive it only on sunny days?

A: No. The electric motor in the Prius is entirely self-sustaining. It runs on Toyota’s patented “Smug Superiority Aura Drive,” which gathers energy from the Prius driver himself as he silently pities the other drivers on the road for piloting vehicles that get less than 50 miles to the gallon.

Q: Can you describe the quality of the Prius’s silence when you pull up to a stoplight and the gas engine shuts off entirely?

A: It is the deepest, bone-settled stillness of a kind only experienced by the greatest Zen masters after many decades of study, punctuated by the hammering riffs of System of a Down because the Prius now comes with a six-speaker surround-sound package from JBL, baby!

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