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My Name is Earl

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Jason Lee has always been a hero of mine … since the days of Blind Skateboards, his artwork, his involvement later on with WE and his company Stereo Skateboards … I hope this show does well …

“You could say that Jason Lee is almost famous. But in a few weeks, the actor best known for his roles in such feature films as “Almost Famous,” “Chasing Amy” and “Mallrats” may become really, really famous.

Lee is the star and narrator of “My Name is Earl,” the offbeat NBC comedy that the network says is its highest-testing comedy in years. It also has been given the seal of approval by many of the nation’s television critics in a season that is loaded with decent comedies.

Lee stars as Earl, a laid-back, low-level crook surrounded by eccentric characters. After winning $100,000 in a lottery, Earl is inspired by talk show host Carson Daly to embrace the importance of karma, so he begins righting many of the past wrongs in his life.”