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Happy endings

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Sunday, 3 of us are winding up our amazing day at Jaypeak ski hill in VT — around 1PM with a run on stateside. Friend B in front is coming down to stateside chair right underneath it – near the bottom – he happens to look up and what does he see ? The base of friend A’s stolen board…

A little background info — this board came from our friends at Endeavor Snowboards in BC – this particular model didn’t sell very well in the east coast as it was sold a BIG mountain board – in fact we know they only sold a couple (2 or 3)….

So we race like crazy to get on the lift .. about 15 chairs behind the suspect. The dude was followed down towards stateside – he proceeded to catch an edge (crappy rider) at which point the trap was sprung… surrounded … told he had a stolen board on his feet . he gave up the board right away without any rough stuff… (we were prepped to pull him into the trees for a talking too) — 100% our board – stickers the same – same bindings – even the stance hadn’t been changed … board steeler kid is left up on the mountain to walk down (and a meeting with the mnt’s staff) Happy ending !!!!!

(A bit more happened after that – with the authorities being notified by the prez of jay and hopefully this kid never steals another deck … )

Many thanks to anyone who kept there eyes peeled. thanks to Bill S. and the Jay staff for being helpful / genuinely concerned and supportive.


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    Finally.. Godd to see a little of that today’s world.