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2006 Storm Predictions

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The good and the bad that comes from hurricane’s ….

“Information obtained through March 2006 continues to indicate that the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season will be much more active than the average 1950-2000 season.  We estimate that 2006 will have about 9 hurricanes (average is 5.9), 17 named storms (average is 9.6), 85 named storm days (average is 49.1), 45 hurricane days (average is 24.5), 5 intense (Category 3-4-5) hurricanes (average is 2.3) and 13 intense hurricane days (average is 5.0).  The probability of U.S. major hurricane landfall is estimated to be about 55 percent above the long-period average.  We expect Atlantic basin Net Tropical Cyclone (NTC) activity in 2006 to be about 195 percent of the long-term average…”

(Photo above : The Gouge killing a LONG ride on some Hurricane Katrina waves – more from that day)

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