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FRONTLINE has produced some of the most thought provoking pieces I’ve ever seen on the tube. They now offer 54 full episodes online .

Couple of my favs,

“Since January 1983, FRONTLINE has served as American public television’s – PBS – flagship public affairs series….

Since its inception, FRONTLINE has never shied away from tough, controversial issues or complex stories. In an age of anchor celebrities and snappy sound bites, FRONTLINE remains committed to providing a prime-time venue for engaging documentaries that fully explore and illuminate the critical issues of our times. FRONTLINE remains the only regularly scheduled long-form public-affairs documentary series on American television, producing more hours of documentary programming than all the commercial networks combined.”



One response to “Frontline”

  1. Allen Avatar

    Stevey I had no idea! I LIVE for Frontline! Make sure you watch “The Man who Knew.” Guy worked in the FBI and really knew 9/11 was coming, and what happens to him is mind-boggling.