The Forks

Winnipeg Skateparks - The Forks

I’m jealous. This is ridiculous — The MUC (Montreal) really needs to get off it’s ass.

“Covering a total area of over 44,000 square feet, This park consists of a 30,000 square foot skate plaza and a 8,500 square foot bowl complex. This park was designed by Newline Skateparks and will be open on June 30th.

The Central Plaza features terrain inspired by famous international skate spots in places such as San Francisco, Barcelona, Japan and beyond. And, the main plaza area is made up of a combination of various stair sets, banks, rails and ledges set within a host of custom sculptures and other art pieces – the majority of which are skateable.” 

Winnipeg Skateparks – The Forks

3 thoughts on “The Forks

  1. lol i love going to this park :D
    its about the only good thing in winnipeg man
    let us have it :D

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