Geographical Study of LOST

LOST map

Found this lovely map compiling much of the info about the show so far. It includes an event timeline, a corporate directory of the Hanso foundation, a map of the island showing event locations/routes/and important places, a large map of the world detailing more geographic clues.

This map was created by the folks at ESRI GIS mapping using ArcInfo 9.1. Nice little viral piece of work to help draw attention to what you do.

HUGE Version (7200×7200, 4.3MB) | Medium Version (1800×1800, 0.6MB)

13 thoughts on “Geographical Study of LOST

  1. ‘Explains a lot for me… but other maps on the web indicate where the “other’s” camp is and the security perimeter. How often is this updated? I LOVE all the info here -thanks for posting this on the web for LOST geeks like me.

  2. Nope, that link doesn’t work, either.
    Must. Have. Huge. Version!
    This is magnificent!

  3. Hi.

    Is there any way to get access to some base files in ESRI format as SHP, or GBD . I want to make a DEM for “The Island” as a personal job for my University.

    I’m an ArcGIS user.


  4. love the map!! i was wonderig if somebody could send me the huge map 7000×7000 , cant seem to get any of the links to work, i would really appreciateit !!!!

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