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MySpace is number 1

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MySpace is number 1

Still kinda weirds me out how a crappy service like this can become so immensely popular… but what interests me more is how long they can sustain this for, will Myspace still be as popular in 1 year; 2 years, etc…

“The social networking phenomenon that is MySpace is now the most popular site in the United States. According to the latest numbers published by Hitwise, MySpace now accounts for 4.46 per cent of all visits in the US.

It means that MySpace has overtaken Yahoo!’s email service, which has 4.42 percent, Yahoo!’s home page (4.25 percent), and Google (3.89 percent) although Yahoo! points out that it still gets more share of visits than anyone else if you combine its totals.”

MySpace most popular website in the US | Stevey’s unused Myspace profile


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