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Another awesome weekend has come and gone. Drove down to NH with my brother on Friday night. The promise of a tropical storm offshore Saturday morning held true. We drove up through South Hampton seeing waves where there are usually none this time of year. The Wall was socked in with thick fog – but you could hear and just make out some heavy sets rolling through. First day on the New fish; meant a little learning curve – and a lot more paddling with my chest further out of the water – exhausting but so much fun. 2 very good rides and about 15 not so beautiful ones. A noontime torrential rain cleaned up the water and killed a bit of the fog. Eric and Jesse showed up late sunday AM to find more waves rolling through – glad they scored some rides after a trying trip down. Need more weekend and waves like that.

Some photos (beware – many of these are badly shot wave porn – boring to most people)