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I remember the first time I saw MTV – in Grade 5 – the first video was Madonna – Like a Virgin ….

“MTV famously claimed its first casualty with its premiere video, aired August 1, 1981. But since video killed the radio star, what has the network accomplished? You know, besides forever changing youth culture and foisting Carson Daly on the world. Here, on the occasion of MTV’s 25th anniversary, we look at some of the more notable accomplishments for which the network can be thanked—or blamed.

1. Gave everyone A.D.D.
“The MTV style” of quick cuts and whipsaw cameras—known among veteran film editors as “frame-fucking”—is now the de facto visual language of American culture, from Michael Bay summer blockbusters to commercials for Sunny Delight.

2. Made Madonna possible
Without a medium in which to enact her famous image reinventions, Madonna would have remained just another vocally challenged sexpot leaking from the radio. Instead, she’s the quintessential pop star of the age.”

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