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Surfing without a wetsuit

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No wetsuits

Last Sunday was the first time I’ve been able to surf at Hampton Beach, NH without a wetsuit. After a spring of wearing my awesome Excel 4/3, this was truly a new experience. The reports said the water was 67° F +. Amazing for this high north and this time of year. I was in the water for well over two hours without feeling even a chill. Surfing in Mexico (photos above) we all wore rash-guards or old t-shirts and bathing suits/boardies – the one thing we all noticed was the different buoyancy – a wet-suit seems to float so much more. Need some more of that – let’s hope the water remains warm for the rest of the summer.

Here’s a view of the eastern seaboards water temps from yesterday.

(above photo – ben wood, steph, me, and jesse)

More of jesse’s photos from Mexico | Bonus photo of me passed out