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Time to wake up

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St laurent wave

This morning I woke up at 6 AM, got all my gear and new board ready, hoped into the car and drove down to meet the boys for a little pre-work surfing session behind Habitat 67.

Nothing wakes you up faster at 8 AM than being tossed into rapids after missing your paddle into the wave. I had time for two goes at it, unfortunately missing the wave both times due to bad body placement and angle. We also had to deal with debris in the water; floating logs and other obstacles kept whooshing down; set loose by yesterday’s storms. I have never been so awake at 9 AM in all my life.

Had time to pop back to my place for a quick shower – a must to get the river water off me, pickup the lady and drive her downtown and drop my car off at parking close to work. I think we’re gonna have to do some more of these morning adventures. Finally able to not drive 5 hours for a paddle. More like 5 minutes.

The shot above is from the Saturday’s adventure.