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Due to an overwhelming amount of people reaching this site by searching for “Sayulita“, I have put up the research I compiled from the net before leaving last spring. I haven’t edited it at all – just straight copy out of my backpack account. Some of the information is right on the money – other bits proved to be useless or outdated. Nothing in here gives anyway any secrets we learned while there – but I’m sure someone will find it useful.

“Sayulita is located just north of Puerto Vallarta, just to the north of Punta Mita, and is a nice small village with a decent beach. While many websites will describe it as a small fishing village I would say that it is starting to get bigger and bigger with more tourists, many of them surfers.” – Google Maps

I’ve left comments on for this post some hopefully people can fill in the blanks — or correct some inaccuracies. I’ll edit the page with anything worthwhile as my “page comments” seem to be broken.