Coastal drive up to Maine

east coast

We spent the morning yesterday chasing down a surf-able spot. The wall was small and choppy at 8am but the day had a “building swell” forecast. Ended up driving north along the 95 to Wells and then taking the costal route up through Ogunquit — where we stopped off to check the river mouth. Ended up going all the way to Kennebunkport which had some choppy swell when we arrived. The forecast help true and by noon there was some fast-period 3-4 foot waves rolling through some surprisingly warm water. Kennebunkport is a great beach to surf at — rarely crowded and a good vibe.

Banane got the ride of his life. I wish we had a photo of that. He dropped in on a mellow 3 footer and proceeded to find trim .. step up on his board a couple feet and arch his back for the style award of the year. We also tested out the new waterproof Sony housing for B’s video camera. Fun but hard to get good shot in the water without a fisheye.

Update: Some photos are here.
Maybe a short video of ridiculous clips coming soon.

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