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Apple jack

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This is something every pre-intel Mac OS X user should install on their Mac’s, then forget about ’til the day comes when all hell breaks loose …

“As reliable as OS X can be, some basic maintenance can still be required. And not always the fault of OS X, an application can have a glitch too. In situations where OS X won’t even properly startup – AppleJack can come to the rescue.

Before I started using AppleJack, when my OS messed up (usually after an update or my own stupid action) – my only option was a reinstall of Tiger. For whatever odd reason, this seemed to be the case on regular basis from about 10.4.3 to 10.4.5…and stopped with 10.4.6. Regardless of that – that which was at fault I found AppleJack was able to fix and save me that OS reinstall hassle!”

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