Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and Crackers

Almost Skateboards has released a short movie starring Chris Haslam and Daewon Song entitled “Cheese and Crackers”. The movie revolves around a mini ramp session over multiple days – trying out the most ridiculous and inventive mini stuff i’ve ever seen. I remember 8 to 12 hours sessions at Montreal’s old indoor skatepark – on the 4 foot mini spine ramp. We’d try a certain trick until you made it or you took yourself out enough times to call it a day. Blunts (fakie / 180 out / kick-flip in) was the trick that probably killed me (and my hips) the most amount of times – and we were some of the first to do them in MTL – so we had no one to show us the “proper way”. I miss skating mini ramp.

If you’re really not gonna buy the movie … you can watch it here for a limited time ..

Almost Skateboards Website

2 thoughts on “Cheese and Crackers

  1. Holy sick tricks!!

    How to have fun with a mini-ramp. :-)

    Aaaahhh..I remember mini ramp sessions.. the fun… the pain!

    Would be nice to have a nice 4′ mini. Might body (ankles+knees) might actually be able to handle that as opposed to street skating.

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