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The Storms are coming

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Gouge during Katrina

It’s been a dismal August in the Atlantic so far. Very hard to justify the 5 hour trip to surf 1 to 2 foot waves (if you’re lucky). Not that I’m an amazing surfer — solid 4 to 5 foot waves are around my comfort zone so far – at least the range that I can take advantage of and not fully “kook out” on. Funny that Ed posted about his feelings on small waves today also. Everyone is feeling the pain.

Some promising news from Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog – his predictions call for everything to start up in a week or two. With our new 4/3 Excel suits/gloves we should be able to last until mid October. It’s go time … get on those morning pushups and get some solid skills under my belt.

“The relatively quiet hurricane season we’ve been enjoying is not going to last. A very active period will start, as soon as the atmosphere destabilizes a bit more. If one believes the long-range 2-week outlook from the GFS model, the current quiet period should last another 4-12 days. Around August 21, I expect it will appear that a switch has been thrown, and the Atlantic will be very active indeed. Expect our first hurricane in the Atlantic by August 26, and a very active September. However, I do expect we will get many recurving storms that will miss land, and that this hurricane season will be similar to the ones we experienced in 1995-2003.”

http://www.nesurfari.com/blog/2006/08/18/august-tropical-outlook/ | Above shot of Gouge Surfing a Hurricane Katrina Wave


2 responses to “The Storms are coming”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    dude. tell me about it. we finally got some good swell coming in today. everyone and their mother says that la lancha had chest high to overhead yesterday afternoon. and so today we go out and burros has nada, zip. so we head up to la lancha and it’s hardly ridable. sure there are at least a few waves, but very slow and hard to get into. not a fitting maiden voyage for my new Flyer II. going back out at sunset.

    must. catch. swell.

  2. Steve Avatar

    May the waves be with you. must. get. back. to .la. lancha one day ;-)