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Shaping Flickr Group

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Shaping Flickr Group

My friend Johan has started a surfboard shaping group on flickr. Amazingly there wasn’t one already. Considering how shapers and surfers seem to love taking photos of their creations and rides. I expect once the group gets linked up at Swaylocks and some other sites – it will really take off.

A shaper is ….
“Sub-species of surf culture,superior sense of feel and curve continum in three dimensions to high aquitty… refinement of surfboard forms a driving force in survival mechanisms.Incapable of averting glances when surf forms pass in field of vision …can Identify board styles and types at a distance and discern abnormalities of foil and plan with ease…cape a bull of invisibility and only possible to observe outside enclosed close quartered dusty habitat…” (source)

Flickr Surfboard Shaping Group