Another hurricane has formed and is heading towards the east coast. Florence is expected to generate a swell window in the NE from late Saturday through most of the week. These storms regularly produce some very solid ground swell, as we saw last week first hand – Let’s just hope the winds cooperate!

Saturday will be a chill day and the beach with some small fun waves and Sunday will be another step up to the plate kinda day. Too bad we’re so busy with work, as if i could, I’d take off Monday and stay down for another solid session.

And as a bonus – Linda can finally come down this weekend – she’s been stuck in MTL all summer due to working Friday night and Saturday’s. We’re both Stoked.

NESurf says
“Summary: Flat today. Flat tomorrow. On Saturday winds turn light S and a few late SE ground swell sets from Florence are possible. On Sunday Florence swell may start showing up in earnest. With the light N to NE winds it may make for good fun. Monday looks big (and a little out of control). On Tuesday beginners may need to seek shelter (find some protected cove) and everyone will need to use extreme caution. With larger surf conditions will be just as dangerous on Tuesday with strong NNE winds. On Wednesday waves will still be big but winds will be turning lighter NNW. Caution will still be required by all but a few.”

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