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24″ Inch iMac

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We just received a brand spanking new top of the line, fully decked out (Maxed RAM and High end video card) 24 Inch Intel iMac from our lovely apple supplier Evolution Concept. The mac even come in an impressively large box. Needless to say – the screen is huge. Let me say that again – huge. It’s really hard to take in the whole screen within your field of vision without sitting back a bit. Also the mac boots up faster than any Mac I’ve ever seen. We’ll be running it through it paces and I’ll post some more thoughts later.

The good: Giant LCD makes the iMac a home-video champ; updated specs stay competitive with the rest of the desktop PC field; expanded upgrade options available at the time of purchase.

The bad: Configurator upgrades are expensive; limited aftermarket upgradability means you won’t be able to add a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD drive down the road; no media card reader.

The bottom line: Other vendors might offer more flexible configurations and better deals on components, and the specter of HD video looms darkly, but the 24-inch iMac’s sprawling display and convincingly capable features should set most people’s minds at ease. We highly recommend this new iMac as a PC that doubles as a secondary home-entertainment system. – zdnet review