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The 500th post. A milestone ? Hardly! But worth noting as it took me a long time to start this site. Some random items about this website and it’s viewers ….

  • WordPress 2.0 has made it all the better, with slight improvements from 1.5 that were pretty easy to tailor (hack) to work how I wanted them too.
  • It averages 200 unique people per day.
  • A lot of people come in through searches and bookmarks.
  • Travel writing is a popular draw.
  • RSS has between 30-50 people subscribed.
  • Averages about 100 comment spams per day – 99% of which Akismet takes care of for me.
  • The most popular posts since mid summer are a weird mix… Coastal drive up to Maine, How 25 Years of MTV Have Changed the World, VW Rabbit, and Bigfoot.

I’ll keep going and see what happens.

Photo credit: Thanks Dan