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The squid and the whale

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The squid and the whale

My mistake – Wes did not help write this movie – He produced it though

Linda rented a movie that I had completely forgotten about and had wiggled it’s way off of our watch-list.
I am still a big Wes Anderson fan. This movie continues that streak, but unlike his other writing, with darker comedy and not as stylized in its caricatures. The dialogue and scenes feel real. The emotions and outbursts are true and interesting to watch. We both felt it was a cross between Manhattan by Woody Allen and The Life Aquatic by Anderson. Worth watching.

“Based on the true childhood experiences of Noah Baumbach and his brother, The Squid and the Whale tells the touching story of two young boys dealing with their parents divorce in Brooklyn in the 1980’s.”

“One of the ruling assumptions of American popular culture – or at least of American independent movies – is that everyone’s adolescence is uniquely miserable. Coming of age, with its attendant thrills and traumas (generally summarized under the headings school, sex and parents), is an inexhaustible subject because no two people go through it in exactly the same way. Once we’re safely afloat in adulthood, though, we can begin to recognize the universality of our earlier experiences, and we can be grateful when, amid all the prurience and sentimentality that attend representations of adolescence, someone manages to get it right.”
… This is what Noah Baumbach has done.” — NYT’s

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3 responses to “The squid and the whale”

  1. Isabel Avatar

    I think your mention of Wes Anderson might be misleading. He didn’t write this movie, although it is reminiscent of his work.

  2. tedz Avatar

    not trying to be a smart ass, and maybe i’m not reading this right. but wes anderson did not write or direct this film. It was noah baumbach. noah and wes did write the life aquatic together, however.

  3. Steve Avatar

    Oops . my error. I read that he had co-written this. The style just seemed so “him” I didn’t double check that !