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Friends in Bali

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Got text message that Jesse and Steph have arrived in Bali. They stopped over to meet up with Jes’s parents near Lombok and are headed to a spot right on Kuta beach. 2 and a half weeks of waking up 20 feet from some of the worlds best waves. I know they are going to do some exploring this year, back to Uluwatu and some other lesser known breaks.

They’ve made this pilgrimage a couple times now. Their pictures from last year look pretty good !! Hopefully they do a better job with the sunscreen.

According to magic seaweed, they might catch some great conditions that are manageable for non-superhuman surfers. Last time they were there, a couple of breaks were double overhead plus. That photo above is so deceptive. If you check the next one in the sequence, you can kinda make out some people sitting out near the break. Crazy.