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Warning Signs from the future

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Warning Signs from the future

Awesome idea .. although the graphics are a little sloppy.

Self-replicating devices —

“Self-replicating devices are potentially the most powerful technology of all, since they can increase their reach exponentially in suitable environments. It also raises risks of arms races (whoever builds and releases one first wins), unwanted replication (the sorcerers’ apprentice) and slight misbehaviour of the devices that becomes dangerous as they become numerous.”

Self-improving software —

“Systems that might launch a “hard takeoff” AI where they rapidly become smarter and more capable requires care. Even software that doesn’t aim at intelligence might still behave unexpectedly, requiring a warning.”

Self-evolving system —

“A system that evolves freely is potentially very adaptable and creative. It could also become nearly anything, with consequences ranging from the annoying to the disastrous. It is likely unlimited self-evolution will need to be contained carefully even as we mine it for truly new inventions. The arrows nicely hint at a chaos-star as well as replication.”

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