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This is kinda crazy, I was thinking about this on the way to work this AM — wondering when they’ll release some crazy new technology that will allow 1mm suits to be as warm as 5mm … low and behold…

Let the “fried” surfer jokes commence! How about shocking that man-o-war when he shocks you ?!!

“Rip Curl’s H-Bomb is the world’s first power heated wetsuit. It’s a wetsuit designed to keep you super-warm by positioning a source of heat on your upper back. This heats your core and allows your body to experience warm blood to your extremities.

The heat is generated by two coated fibre elements positioned on your upper back. The elements conduct electricity that generate the heat which warms the blood. Simple.

The elements are made of fibre – there’s no metal here – so there’s no electromagnetic field generated by any metal component and there’s no metal to corrode when it’s in salt water and you’re in the barrel.

Imagine adding the warmth of the H-Bomb to your current suit type say, a 4/3mm or a 3/2mm to let you surf longer and get more waves, or bend your mind a little further and imagine dropping back to a 2mm E2 for more flexibility without sacrificing warmth.

More at www.surfeuropemag.com | www.ripcurl.com/

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  1. Haha

    Instead of going back to the car to warm up with the heater, we’ll be going back to recharge the batteries.

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