Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta

At one time Powell Peralta was the world’s most successful skateboard company. They had the dream team, some of the best quality boards and wheels. This video part (Public Domain, 1988) pretty much made me take 2 years of my life and dedicate it to learning as much as I could 6+ hours every single day. It’s hard to even think about the effect it had on me. I’ll forever be in debt to this group of people for inspiring me like that.

Powell Peralta has recently put up a web site with a huge graphical timeline of the imagery the created in ads, photos, video and countless logos. The slice pictured above covers from mid 1986 til about 1989.

Flash version is huge (7meg) but worth it — or the text version of it’s history

5 thoughts on “Powell Peralta

  1. that ray barbie part is still amazing to watch. remember when H-Street video came out. that really changed things.

  2. Dunno if you remember Ray skating in downtown mtl.. when powell did the demo at the big O… anyways… skating at mcgill univ. I saw him do a 360 ollie down 4 stairs.. pretty much blew my mind.

  3. i remember marcel telling me that ray did a kickflip wall ride on the angled wall at mcgill. that was a good demo. i wish i had a scanner cause i still have the original demo poster that pete from footloose drew up. he even drew cab with his crooked neck.

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