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Le Devoir

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Le Devoir Design

Le Devoir has recently relaunched their website. It’s a well respected French Language newspaper in Québec.
With sFIR image titles to bring their headline typography to the web, updated logo, lots of text and fewer images, CSS control of almost everything, lock icons denoting pay-for content, RSS (one for the entire site), Semi-cleaned up code, Publi-© copyright service, Some very ugly send-to-a-friend pages and a very good daily archive system that use perma URL’s with a clear easy to read date.

Still leaves a lot to be desired but it’s better than most newspaper web sites out there. I believe the site was re-designed by vdl2.ca.



One response to “Le Devoir”

  1. Allen Avatar

    Pretty clean, nice easy to read font. Much better than most newspapaer sites out there