Range Rover design

The man who designed the original Range Rover has passed away and the NYT’s has an article about him.

I’ve always loved this design — there’s something about the glass size, body shape, panel fit, and ‘utility with finish’ that’s attractive to my country upbringing and my design sense. Too bad it’s now synonymous with gas waste and excess $ (maybe it always was to some degree).



Checking out my site on Plank’s iPad. Looks pretty nice. But then again almost every site does look nice on this thing!!

SXSW 2010

Leaving tomorrow AM for Austin/SXSWi 2010. This will be 3rd time attending and the excitement is still just the same. Looking forward to some inspiration, conversation, beer and great tex-mex food !!

Should be amazing — if you’re there find me via:

twitter/stevey | sitby.us/stevey | or leave me a msg here.