Checking out my site on Plank’s iPad. Looks pretty nice. But then again almost every site does look nice on this thing!!

SXSW day 3 report

Another post from Austin, TX — SXSW 2010.

During a panel today, a new buzzword (to me at least) popped up…

"Data Exhaust"

This is the by-product of you interacting with the internet. When you search Google, when you create content, when you tweet, when you update your favourite app, you leave behind a trail of bits that slowly dissipate. These include logs & caches, content that references your content, metrics and date time/stamps and other sorts of tailings.

That "exhaust" from your interaction is valuable, it can be mined for info even if that data has been anonymized. It can make other people quite a bit of money. Some people disagree that this should be the de facto way everything works.

I’m no expert in any of this, but when the term came up my first immediate reaction was, how does this relate to driving a gas guzzling car that creates the fumes the buzzword references?

Should we be concerned about reducing this emission? Is there such a thing as ZERO emissions interaction with the net? Should it be your right to have that? Or would a complete anonymization remove all useful functionality? Will we see a movement towards a "clean" internet, where you at least have control of that emission or can choose how much is spewing out behind you, without slowing you down?


SXSW 2010

Leaving tomorrow AM for Austin/SXSWi 2010. This will be 3rd time attending and the excitement is still just the same. Looking forward to some inspiration, conversation, beer and great tex-mex food !!

Should be amazing — if you’re there find me via:

twitter/stevey | sitby.us/stevey | or leave me a msg here.

Nambu for Twitter on OS X


A great new client has been released for accessing twitter on the Mac OS Desktop. It’s called Nambu.

Although still a bit buggy and rough around the edges — It has a couple features that I’ve been after:

  • Native Mac App – Nice and fast (no slow/clunky AIR code)
  • Parses #/Topic tags
  • Built in Twitter search — with “smart” updating results
  • Support for photos (even direct from iSight) and shortened links
  • Groups
  • Easy to use “multiple accounts”
  • Dead simple “retweet”
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything
  • Translate feature
  • Free version for iPhone/iTouch

It’s not perfect yet – it’s crashed a couple times on me. But it’s well wort looking at.


GTD @ plank, on my Mac and soon in teams


I’ve become a convert to the Getting Things Done philosophy. I always liked it conceptually but had not committed. No — I use about 85% of David’s workflow to keep track of my work (@plankdesign) and it’s slowly moving into everything I need to get done.

I’ve been working with different systems over the past 1/2 year – none which stuck. Things has been great for the past 3 months I’ve committed to it; It’s fast and easy; It’s trust worthy and I can quickly do mini-reviews and more lengthy reviews with little fuss. Painless.

But it’s not shared. My Things list is mine and mine only.

Thankfully my good buddy Elbert has started working on a web app called Nirvana (inspired by Things) which is meant for small teams. The same principals but applied to a group of people who work together.

It’s not ready yet — the previews I have seen look fantastic though. I’ve also been giving advice and lending a hand making it the best it can be. I’ll be writing up a separate blog post later on for Nirvana.

For now… Follow along here | Website