In praise of Time Machine

My Macbook Pro died this AM (actually the video chipset died).

I went through the “genius bar” reservation process at the downtown MTL mac store and was done in record time (45 minutes from confirming the appointment at the plank office online – to – sitting there and having the issue resolved); with the news that Apple is ordering me a new logic board for free due to a known video chipset issue (first I heard). This leaves me laptop-less for 5 days as they get the part and instal.

Thank god I had a full Time Machine backup from late afternoon yesterday. I was able to copy my TM archive over to a spare plank iMac and boot it up just as if I was in front of my laptop.

Easily the best recovery from a disaster I could ever imagine. After many years working with computers — it’s almost stunning how well it all worked.

Use Time Machine. It’s worth any slowdown’s or pain’s it might cause.

Plank looking for HTML/Production help

In Montréal and looking for a job at a great Web production company — or maybe you know someone to FWD this along to? We’ve been VERY busy working on some great jobs (a bunch I can’t talk about yet), and we’re in need of help…

We need help! Again! — by Plank
Plank is actively looking to add to our Montreal-based team. Are you young and eager and looking for experience? We are looking for a junior production person with basic knowledge of internet / digital design, programming, and integration. We need someone who can complement our team and is interested in working on exciting projects, generally in the fields of entertainment, technology and social action.

Your tasks will include:

  • Simple graphic production;
  • Building website templates;
  • Website maintenance.

Our Expectations
We’re looking for someone fun! But seriously, you should have the following:

  • 0-2 years of related experience;
  • Willingness to work locally in our Montreal office;
  • Proficiency with Photoshop & Illustrator;
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP;
  • Be passionate about all things digital.

We are a close knit team that continues to grow, and we’d love to meet you to see if we can squeeze you in. We want you to be part of our team for a long time to come. We offer a competitive salary, normal business hours, a comprehensive health and dental plan, and a great work environment. Act now! While there’s room.

If you think you would like to be part of the team, please email your CV, portfolio and cover letter to If you would like to learn more about us, please surf around our site. We hope you’ll join us!” —

Get even more of a taste… Flickr Plank Group | Twitter Plank

Plank sign

We finally got a sign for the company.

My pop ran some nice wood through the CNC machine at his work to “cut out” our logo. We then stained and mounted it up with plexiglass, hardware and chains. Just in time for our 10th anniversary!

Matches the website fairly well all things considered.

Typographers and their handwriting

Great blog post from “The Man In Blue” with thoughts and comparison on some great typographers; their fonts and their handwriting.

There’s a couple in here which I love; and would use as fonts themselves!

“The handwriting of typographers intrigues me because it raises so many questions, big and small: Do typographers exert some extraordinary control of the pen that laypersons don’t? Does a typographer’s handwriting influence the typefaces they produce? Has the rise of digital communications made handwriting redundant? Do modern typographers, born of digital tools, lack the finesse of their more wizened counterparts? If so, does that change the way their type is designed?

And then, there’s just something strangely … meta … about looking at the handwriting of people who work with type.

So, to satisfy my own curiosity I asked a number of prominent typographers to send me a scan of their handwriting. This is the result…” — Read the full article


Bonus: Here’s mine.

Fantasia 2008

The lack of blog posts/tweets and sleep over the past couple weeks has been due to us racing to get out the Fantasia 2008 site.

Trying to improve it every year and thankfully we have the process down — in order to run through close to 1000 images (films and graphics) in a week. Whew** .

I’m very happy with it overall; we’ll be continuing to work on it as the festival kicks into gear next week. The festival revs up to full steam tonight – maybe this year I’ll even get to go see a movie or two !! Cya there.

Plank blog post | Fantasia 2008

Warren’s at SEED3

Hoping Warren is having a great time in Chicago; this looks like such a cool event — right up his alley.

Warren is attending the SEED3 conference in Chicago

Our fearless leader is off today in Chicago attending the 3rd SEED CONFERENCE.

He’s one of a lucky 270 people listening to and discussing the topic “Learn about taking control of your own work by seeking out methods to inspire new thinking and adopt unconventional ideas about collaboration and business via six presentations and discussions led by 37signals, Segura inc, Coudal Partners and friends.”

We’re eager to hear what happens, and knowing Warren, he’ll pull a year’s worth of inspiration from this excellent event.” — Plank Blog post

Plank – updated citizenvoices site

A site that we did a while back has received a facelift courtesy of our team.

The is aimed at a younger audience; and is to be an outreach from the Governor General to those around her (in a way that her official canadian gov site can’t do – we don’t work on that one).

I’m really liking the new layout. I found the older one worked very well in the design phase, but lost a bit of its structure when applied to real world data over the year that it was live.

This new homepage design really helps bring together the additions and improvements they’ve been making in their content.

Great work!