Trevor doing the Tour Divide


My buddy Trevor Browne is racing the Tour Divide. What’s that you ask?

“Tour Divide is a solo, self-supported mountain bike race on all 2,745 miles (4,400 KM) of ACA’s epic Great Divide MTB Route. With an average time-to-completion of three weeks in the saddle, this grand tour is the longest, most challenging MTB race on the planet. It’s a contest for the ultra-fit but only if ultra-prepared for myriad contingencies of backcountry biking.”

That’s crazy.

4,400 KM in 3 weeks


He has provided instructions for how to REALLY follow along…
(they all carry real time GPS devices so you can see where they are)

“Everyone keeps asking how they can follow the race this year. Well its easy. By going to the following 2 sites you can literally follow my every move.

The sites are:

If you go to the website you can follow the race via the SPOT and google maps. Simply go to the menu on the right hand side of the page and click on the tab that says leaderboard. That will bring you to the SPOT leaderboard where all the racers will be seen as blue dots. Then just scroll over each dot to see who it is. You can also check out the blog portion of the site where you can read updates during the race.

The other way to follow the race is through the website where you can actually here my voice as I call in at certain checkpoints along the way. On the right hand of the site you will see the 2009 Tour Divide Racer Audio list. From there scroll down the racer list until you see my name (at the bottom). Click on my name and it will bring you directly to my audio posts.

See you on the map!”

It starts Friday the 12th of June. Trevor’s a great guy (he helped find my new bike this past winter!!) and an amazing athlete. Cheer him on and send him your best wishes.

Trevor’s biking blog |

Left alone on a on Saturday looking for entertainment

Left alone on a Saturday after a cancelled trip; I find myself looking for diversions and fun stuff. Just ordered;

Roof riders

Being idiots at the cottage (this is Jes’s turn – I admit I did it too).

The side house/garage roof had a good foot and a ½ of snow on it. How could we resist? The building is pretty old and we half joked about stepping right through the ceiling.

Nintendo’s masterpiece

Nintendo’s masterpiece

The latest Super Mario, might be the greatest game ever made, if you believe the hype. The game is receiving average reviews anywhere from 9/10 to 10’s from most media outlets.

We picked it up, cause, who can resist a little italian plumber? We checked it out for about 2 hours last night an I agree with the ratings given. The music alone beats 90% of the games out there. The rest beats 99%. The fact that someone else can join in and help you out is much more fun than you’d think.

One of the best review quotes I read last week (but will have to paraphrase as I can’t find it again) said…

“This new game makes you angry, angry that you’ve been subjected to crappy games for the past 10 years and paid more for them (SMG is 50$), seemingly that developers haven’t even tried in comparison. This game shows you what a fun video game is meant to be.”

Super Mario Galaxy

Ubisoft loves the Wii

Ubisoft loves the Wii

Interesting. Ubisoft has revealed that it makes 10x more money per $ spent on Nintendo game development than it does on PS3/XBOX. No wonder the Montréal headquartered company is ramping up it’s Wii/DS dev teams.

“He (Yves Guillemot, president of Ubisoft) also revealed that Ubisoft currently has 400-500 people dedicated to Wii development at the moment and reckons 2008 will see Ubisoft creating “Nintendo-like quality” on the system.”



This is very funny. Someone took the time (wow) to create a text only version of Pac Man, like Mac games from 1986.

The game starts off with this spooky prologue…

You awaken in a large complex, slightly disoriented. Glowing dots hover mouth level near you in every direction. Off in the distance you hear the faint howling of what you can only imagine must be some sort of ghost or several ghosts.”

Click here to play Pac-Txt