Videogame Aesthetics


“Depending on your point of view, photo-realism is either a scourge or a grail. The drive for it has come to dominate the visual aesthetics of videogames, and current technology seems to be pushing us very close to a peak. Limited markets and rising development costs, however, seem to indicate a gaping abyss. So will photo-real games be well crafted marvels of technology, or feats of economic hubris infused with mediocre gameplay? Will they be the ferryman to conduct yet more development studios across the Styx?”

Videogame Aesthetics

Ultimate paper plane


“A TEAM of young scientists has created what they believe to be the perfect paper plane.

It can fly more than 100ft (30m) and remain aloft for about 20 seconds. Most importantly, it is easy to make. The plane, named Avenger, has been judged by academics to contain the ideal balance between complex aerodynamic principles and simplicity of design. Its looks may also have helped: the delta wing is reminiscent of Concorde.”

Ultimate paper plane | Instructions here

Arcade sounds

For anyone who played coin-op video games at the arcade in the mid-eighties, this will be music to your ears.

“Back in 1982, my best friend had a Sony stereo walkman recorder. Audio was the conventional recording media back then and we recorded all kinds of stuff. One day we were on our way to the arcade ‘Just Fun’ in Ithaca, NY and came up with the idea to record video game sounds.

We recorded video games from 1982 until 1988. Fortunately I managed to save all fourteen audio tapes of video game sounds and arcade ambience which were recorded from a variety of locations in the US. Most of the recordings are from Ithaca, NY, Albany, NY and Ocean City, MD.”


Well, seems this is the 200th post on this site since I’ve put wordpress to use.

Amazing at what started as a simple test of WP for work ended up becoming an almost daily routine which has been quite fun – some of the highlights and my thoughts,

  • Traffic … some days there’s a 100 visitors …. other days many more – seems to come in waves
  • WordPress/blogging … interesting in that the fact that it feels like your filling out a form . very little “randomness/scratchiness/texture” to the process .. but the rigidity of the structure also makes getting something published easier as you have fewer “decisions” to make. I almost wish it had a “doodles side component”. a helpful way to describe my feeling overall is the observation that my handwriting changes day-to-day based on speed/mood/energy level .. this change happens in very small degrees – but is none-the-less very noticable – i wish that would be easily transferable. buy a scanner ? ;)
  • Some posts are personal …. most are to share what I see each day as I use the internet
  • Having a simple draft mechanism is immensely useful
  • Overall I wish the whole system was “smarter” or more contextual
  • I refer back to my own posts often
  • It’s more fun that I thought it would be…

The Greatest Easter Eggs In Gaming

“According to Wikipedia, the name Easter egg comes from Dan O’Bannon’s horror spoof, Return of the Living Dead. In the film, a container of zombies goes missing and is referred to–in code–as an “Easter egg.” Of course, the name is more obviously derived from “Easter egg hunt” fame, where Easter-celebrating-children are made to search through an established area (usually the yard) for dyed hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs filled with candy. Generally (in video games at least) Easter eggs are a reward, not a punishment, although they range from hidden files to secret rooms and often break character from the game, making reference to the developer or to the notion of the Easter egg itself.”

Greatest Games of All time

Some of my favorite games of all time are here (and i’m a very picky game player)

“The editors of GameSpot have one thing in common: We’ve all been playing games for as long as we can remember. Over the years, we’ve each played some truly incredible games that have left a permanent impression on us, helping set the very high expectations for quality that we and our users alike have come to hold for today’s games. As time has gone by, games have changed dramatically in every way–games from the 1980s aren’t directly comparable to more-modern games, for example. Nevertheless, we can think of numerous remarkable games from every era of this still-young industry.”

Super Mario Pac


“There are a lot of fan-made computer games out there that “borrow” elements from beloved commercial titles. A lot of those games are downright terrible, but once in a while there’s a diamond amongst all the coal. Enter Super Mario Pac, a fan-made game that combines elements of Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, and Jetpac to make one seriously fun and addictive game.”