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Well, seems this is the 200th post on this site since I’ve put wordpress to use.

Amazing at what started as a simple test of WP for work ended up becoming an almost daily routine which has been quite fun – some of the highlights and my thoughts,

  • Traffic … some days there’s a 100 visitors …. other days many more – seems to come in waves
  • WordPress/blogging … interesting in that the fact that it feels like your filling out a form . very little “randomness/scratchiness/texture” to the process .. but the rigidity of the structure also makes getting something published easier as you have fewer “decisions” to make. I almost wish it had a “doodles side component”. a helpful way to describe my feeling overall is the observation that my handwriting changes day-to-day based on speed/mood/energy level .. this change happens in very small degrees – but is none-the-less very noticable – i wish that would be easily transferable. buy a scanner ? ;)
  • Some posts are personal …. most are to share what I see each day as I use the internet
  • Having a simple draft mechanism is immensely useful
  • Overall I wish the whole system was “smarter” or more contextual
  • I refer back to my own posts often
  • It’s more fun that I thought it would be…