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Surfboard shaping class in Montreal

Johan is teaming up with the Surf MTL club to offer a surfboard building class. Johan really knows his stuff now and can offer some crazy insight. Plus you end up with a ready to ride board to bring down to the coast or the river.

“Make a surfboard with Surf Montreal?! Thats right, we are teaming up with Master Montreal Shaper Johan Elder to teach you how to shape, glass and sand a surfboard. Each student will Learn how to glass and sand a board from a pre-shaped blank (4 shapes to chose from) to a final product. We will also teach you the skills and knowledge to shape foam and make a board from scratch!

When? November 21st, 28th, Dec 5th (Dates are pending but will be confirmed shortly)

Where? Kanellos Studios, near Rosemont Metro.

How Much? $600.00 (introductory price) includes all materials, tools, and you leave with a finished board ready to surf!

Who? Chris from Surf Montreal and Master Montreal Shaper Johan Elder will be giving the course.

The minimum age to participate is 18 and you have to be willing to get a little dusty. Making a surfboard was featured on Discovery’s Dirty Jobs so leave the Armani suit at home!

This is the first class of it’s kind in Quebec and a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn how to shape a board to actually learn it with a professional shaper on hand to show you how it’s done, forget shaping video’s this is the real deal!

The class will be limited to 10 Students to ensure individualized attention and ensure everyone has amazing professional results so space is definitely limited.

Registration is open from now until Sunday October 15th or until the spaces fill up.

For additional information or the registration form send an e-mail

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Flavor Paper Wallpaper

Some stunning wallpaper. When I own a house I will seriously revisit this site. The one above is called “Flower Pedal“. Some of their florals are mind melting crazy.

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BPGlobalPR is genius

Great update: Words from the man behind @BPGlobalPR himself —

One of my favourite current pieces of satire/commentary is from @BPGlobalPR discussing the recent oil spill. It’s so good they now have almost 60,000 followers and BP is trying to have it shut down.

“After oil started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil rig explosion almost a month ago, a Twitter account launched purporting to be BP’s public relations group, @BPGlobalPR. The account, which offers dark, satirical commentary about the spill and cleanup efforts, is run by an anonymous person” — Mashable article

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“Home Is Where The Surf Is” short film

Absolutely lovely movie by Branden Aroyan from Santa Barbara

“Here’s a little film for the Sacred Craft gathering in Ventura this year. It was an honor to be included. It is the first film I shot and edited to be publicly displayed on the web. It became one of the Audience 5 favorite original shorts. Thanks to Cyrus Sutton for instigating.”

Visit Branden’s site here

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Daniel’s longboards

In celebration of making things by hand. The video is in French.

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Skateboard animation makes me happy

I think every skater who’s looked at sequences, cut and pasted stuff into books, DIY-ers, and artists will understand why I love this.

Skateboard shreds

“A ton of digital photos, a ton of real life magazines, an hour of recording music.”

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Taking off

Taking off from IAD on the way home for Austin, TX.

As Anile said…

“@stevey my ears were fighting the urge to pop just by watching!” —

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SXSW 2010

Leaving tomorrow AM for Austin/SXSWi 2010. This will be 3rd time attending and the excitement is still just the same. Looking forward to some inspiration, conversation, beer and great tex-mex food !!

Should be amazing — if you’re there find me via:

twitter/stevey | | or leave me a msg here.

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Kind Lines benefit starts tomorrow


Amazing art for a great cause.

“Kind Lines is an art show and auction to benefit Surfaid International. The event, to take place in September of 2009 in NYC, was created by Rick Malwitz, of the Brooklyn-based Malwitz Custom Surfboards. Malwitz wanted to raise money for Surfaid in a creative, fun way that would celebrate surf culture and art. When he started asking artists within the surf community if they would be interested in donating a painting for the event, the response was overwhelming. In the end, 24 artists were selected to participate. Malwitz hand-shaped and bamboo glassed canvases, each resembling a cross-section of a surfboard, and distributed these to the participants. The rules were simple: any medium, any style, any surf-related theme. In September, these 24 original works of art will be featured at gallery in NYC, and an online auction will follow. The auction will be open to anyone, and is a great way to collect original art from some of the most brilliant surf artists. 100% of the proceeds go to Surfaid. Thanks to the sponsorship by Greenlight Surf Supply, Surf Source, and Swaylocks.”

Online Auction is between September 26 – October 4th , 2009

All the details/artwork here | Put together by Mr. Rick Malwitz

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Only crazies write on walls

Only crazies write on walls
From my morning bike ride.

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Pancakes with peaches

Pancakes with peaches
Breakfast I made Linda this morning.

Pancakes using this recipe

and then topped with…

* Peaches cut into small chunks
* Brown sugar
* Butter
* Dark Rum

… all cooked in a pan until the “sauce” thickened and the peaches softened (about 10 minutes)

… add Quebec Maple Syrup and enjoy.

One of the best breakfasts we’ve ever had.

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Korduroy/Patagonia Alaia Shaping Tutorial

Korduroy/Patagonia Alaia Shaping Tutorial from Cyrus Sutton on Vimeo.

Fun stuff coming out of California as always — plus I’m really looking forward to what has to offer when it launches in the coming weeks.

The “Makers/DIY” culture has always drawn me in — I was fantasizing about our next house/apt having a dedicated “shop” area of some kind — a tinkering spot to break stuff and put it back together, etc.

“In a petroleum-addicted, pre-packaged culture a fire has been sparked that will transform surfing forever. From his Australian country shed, Tom Wegener has opened the door to surfing’s future by reintroducing the Alaia, an ancient wooden surf craft devoid of fins, foam or rocker. Welcome to a new age where a single surfer with simple tools and natural materials can push the limits of modern surfing.

Join Patagonia Cardiff, and Jon Wegener this Saturday, August 8th for an alaia shaping tutorial. Also check out Thalia St. Surf Shop Friday, August 14th for the website launch party. Both events are free and feature sneak screenings and limited, home-made dvd/books of “Tom’s Creation Plantation.”

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No hands

No hands !!
Linda testing out a borrowed MamaKangaroo Pouch. Should be great to have 2 hands free in the future !!

Many thanks @stephmouz

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Marché Duluth – Farmers Market kicks off Sunday


Just a reminder – The Duluth Farmers market is this Sunday. Pancake breakfast, tunes and yummy food to buy !! (Linda and I will be there for a bit)

Location: 4265 ave Laval Montreal, QC,
Phone: (514) 225-5306
Sun: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm | Facebook page

Or follow the scarecrows !!

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Erik Natzke – Computer Generated Chrysanthemum

Eric’s work blew me away — I swore they were paintings when I first looked.

“Erik Natzke is an interactive designer who is constantly trying to blur the lines between design and technology.”

Way more here

Or visit his site here:

(found by ncbeets)