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My Macbook Pro died this AM (actually the video chipset died).

I went through the “genius bar” reservation process at the downtown MTL mac store and was done in record time (45 minutes from confirming the appointment at the plank office online – to – sitting there and having the issue resolved); with the news that Apple is ordering me a new logic board for free due to a known video chipset issue (first I heard). This leaves me laptop-less for 5 days as they get the part and instal.

Thank god I had a full Time Machine backup from late afternoon yesterday. I was able to copy my TM archive over to a spare plank iMac and boot it up just as if I was in front of my laptop.

Easily the best recovery from a disaster I could ever imagine. After many years working with computers — it’s almost stunning how well it all worked.

Use Time Machine. It’s worth any slowdown’s or pain’s it might cause.


2 responses to “In praise of Time Machine”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    i hear apple is developing a TimeMachine app for your entire life. subscription fees would apply of course. i’ll buy it.

  2. Johan Avatar

    I’d buy that as well.

    I wonder if you could scale up that kind of coverage for a nation .. or perhaps a planet?