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Great blog post from “The Man In Blue” with thoughts and comparison on some great typographers; their fonts and their handwriting.

There’s a couple in here which I love; and would use as fonts themselves!

“The handwriting of typographers intrigues me because it raises so many questions, big and small: Do typographers exert some extraordinary control of the pen that laypersons don’t? Does a typographer’s handwriting influence the typefaces they produce? Has the rise of digital communications made handwriting redundant? Do modern typographers, born of digital tools, lack the finesse of their more wizened counterparts? If so, does that change the way their type is designed?

And then, there’s just something strangely … meta … about looking at the handwriting of people who work with type.

So, to satisfy my own curiosity I asked a number of prominent typographers to send me a scan of their handwriting. This is the result…” — Read the full article


Bonus: Here’s mine.