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I’ve become a convert to the Getting Things Done philosophy. I always liked it conceptually but had not committed. No — I use about 85% of David’s workflow to keep track of my work (@plankdesign) and it’s slowly moving into everything I need to get done.

I’ve been working with different systems over the past 1/2 year – none which stuck. Things has been great for the past 3 months I’ve committed to it; It’s fast and easy; It’s trust worthy and I can quickly do mini-reviews and more lengthy reviews with little fuss. Painless.

But it’s not shared. My Things list is mine and mine only.

Thankfully my good buddy Elbert has started working on a web app called Nirvana (inspired by Things) which is meant for small teams. The same principals but applied to a group of people who work together.

It’s not ready yet — the previews I have seen look fantastic though. I’ve also been giving advice and lending a hand making it the best it can be. I’ll be writing up a separate blog post later on for Nirvana.

For now… Follow along here | Website


One response to “GTD @ plank, on my Mac and soon in teams”

  1. Rick Avatar

    My ONLY complaint with the GTD way of working is; when you split your tasks between creative ‘lofty’ work, and ‘production’ work – it is hard to FORCE the former into “do it now”. It took me 3-4 years to learn to “create now – and fast”. It’s still a challenge to think outside the box when it number 4 on a list of 8 items. Even harder in teams. I’ll be interested in Nirvana will face this issue. Look forward to trying it out