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Nambu for Twitter on OS X

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A great new client has been released for accessing twitter on the Mac OS Desktop. It’s called Nambu.

Although still a bit buggy and rough around the edges — It has a couple features that I’ve been after:

  • Native Mac App – Nice and fast (no slow/clunky AIR code)
  • Parses #/Topic tags
  • Built in Twitter search — with “smart” updating results
  • Support for photos (even direct from iSight) and shortened links
  • Groups
  • Easy to use “multiple accounts”
  • Dead simple “retweet”
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything
  • Translate feature
  • Free version for iPhone/iTouch

It’s not perfect yet – it’s crashed a couple times on me. But it’s well wort looking at.



8 responses to “Nambu for Twitter on OS X”

  1. Philipe Mongeau Avatar

    Wow, en ce moment j’utilise NatsuLion, mais je crois que je vais changer! Nambu à l’aire vraiment bon :D

  2. Jennifer Blais Avatar

    Please keep us updated! I’m using Tweetdeck right now, which works fine most of the time but a native Mac app. would be great.

  3. steve Avatar

    A other day with it: seems once I launched and quit it (maybe wrote a proper prefs file ?) – it “stabilized” – didn’t crash today using it all day.

  4. Shane Avatar

    “Native Mac App – Nice and fast (no slow/clunky AIR code)”

    It’s been really slow for me. Text input lags badly.

  5. Rick Avatar

    I haven’t tried the desktop client – but am using the iPhone version. So far I find it better than Twitterrific for twitter. Thanks for the recomendation, I’ll check it out.

  6. Danah Avatar


    I’m from a word of mouth marketing company called Matchstick and I’m currently working on an exciting beer program. I am contacting hip male bloggers across Montreal and Toronto, hoping to involve them in this launch. I read through your blog and found that you would be a good fit for this program and was wondering if you might be interested. Send me an email if you are, would love to hear from you!

    P.S. thanks for suggesting this software, I look forward to trying it out!

  7. Steve Avatar

    No thanks Danah — thanks for reading though! cheers, Steve